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Tendonitis is inflammation of the tendon usually due to resulting microtrauma that occurs with vigorous activity, repetitive motions and age. Tendons are fibrous bands that attach muscles to the bones allowing the muscles to move the bones or joints. It most commonly occurs with the Achilles tendon, knee, elbow, hamstring and shoulder muscles (rotator cuff).

The initial inflammation is a normal response to attempt to heal the micro-damage occurring to the tissue. If it becomes self-perpetuating because the repetitive activity continues, it can overwhelm the body’s ability to repair the tissue. This will create a chronic condition and local degeneration may occur exposing the individual to a greater injury. Also, if the individual receives no therapeutic assistance, an acute condition can become chronic.


Case history: Onset of pain, under what conditions, movements that aggravate it
Localization of pain
Nature of demands if it is sports or activity related


Nature of activity
Alignment of the involved and related joints
Flexibility and strength imbalances
Previous injuries
If training/exercising:

Improper technique
Wrong equipment
Poor conditions i.e. running on grass, dirt or pavement
Intensity, duration and frequency of training

We approach tendonitis with the following protocols:


Orthopedic testing
Applied Kinesiology muscle testing
Case history that overviews the aforementioned factors.


Adjustments to the involved and related joints
Muscle work: Trigger point therapy, myofascial release, muscle re-balancing
Home care exercise program-includes strengthening and stretching
Use of supports or taping procedures if necessary
Use of natural anti-inflammatories and supplementation for tissue repair
Dietary changes to eliminate pro-inflammatory foods and eating habits.