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Welcome to Sound Bites. This collection of varied dysfunctions reflects some of the most common ailments we treat in our office. It has been put together to offer insight to some of the possible causes involved with each problem. This is not a "what do you take to fix the problem" list. Its purpose is to add some more knowledge to your growing base of information regarding some of your concerns.

Many of the "sound bites" continuously refer to the four basic pillars of metabolic function: digestion, neuroendocrine (stress response and blood sugar regulation), detoxification and essential fatty acid needs. We find imbalances in these four areas the most critical to repair if our therapeutic measures are to be successful. This does not rule out other factors, but it is rare that one or more of these categories are not involved in any complaint, dysfunction or disease.

These four commonalities are discussed in the articles on this web site. The information given will explain the basic physiology involved and incorporate some basic therapeutic modalities, but are not specific to any ailment.
Some of the information given will require further research on your behalf. If there are further questions, please feel free to contact our office.

P.S. Dietary changes and nutrient deficiencies are not mentioned in the above paragraphs because the result of poor eating habits and bad food choices are so widespread, it is understood, whatever ones problems are, changes in dietary habits must be included in all regimens. It is the extremely rare case when an individual has eaten well their whole life and presents themselves in a doctor's office with a serious malady.