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More than 50 million Americans experience headaches yearly with over 1 billion dollars spent on medications to combat it. It is one of the most common complaints heard by practitioners today. There are several classifications of headaches with numerous possibilities for each one.


Tension Headache: This is the most common headache. It is usually caused by muscle tension in the neck, head and upper shoulder area. The pain is usually experienced at the base of the skull, above the eyes and around the temple area. It can last for minutes, come and go intermittently or persist indefinitely.


 It can be triggered by:


We use the following evaluation procedures:


  The following therapies are utilized based upon the examination findings:         


Migraines: Upwards of 25 million Americans suffer with migraines including 2 million children. In adulthood, the vast majority of migraine sufferers are women. On the average, these attacks can occur from 1-4 times a month and can last as long as 4 days. Migraines result from a constriction then a rebound dilation of the brain’s blood vessels and result in an intense, throbbing pain that is often quite debilitating. Often the pain is accompanied by nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light, noise and movement, loss of appetite. Sometimes the migraine is accompanied by an aura. An aura is a “warning” that a migraine attack is eminent.  He or she may see flashing lights, bright spots, colors or lose part of their field of vision.


 It can be triggered by:

      their cycles.


We use the following evaluation procedures:

      particular history and kinesiological test results.  


The following therapies are utilized based on the examination and laboratory findings:

      overgrowth or parasites

     The findings will dictate the most important protocol to follow. Often there is   

      more than one cause contributing to the migraines and they need to be addressed      

      in their priority.


Others: There are other contributing factors to headaches. They include:

      Each of these situations can be addressed individually as part of a patient’s case