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Welcome to our office. We look forward to helping you with your choice to achieve optimal health. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office for assistance. Our experience indicates an open doctor-patient relationship and patient education are two key components for successful care.


What can I expect in the beginning? The first visit involves a thorough consultation to review your medical history, physical profile, familial tendencies, life style habits and a detailed comprehensive symptom survey. This is followed up with an applied kinesiology exam and initial treatment.


What is Applied Kinesiology? Applied Kinesiology is a diagnostic system based on manual muscle testing. Muscle weaknesses reveal imbalances respective of nutritional needs, musculoskeletal structures and organ reflexes that contribute to oneís compromised health. Based on these findings, an evaluation will be made and discussed with you. It may include the need for musculoskeletal work i.e. adjustment, cranial-sacral work, myofascial and soft tissue manipulation, dietary changes, supplementation, exercise programs and/or further testing.


What kind of testing? This may include blood analysis, stool sample (digestive disturbances, parasites, candidiasis, and allergies), urine and serum assessments (metal toxicity, vitamin and mineral needs related to learning, cognitive, behavioral and neurological disorders) and saliva testing (stress, reproductive and metabolic hormones) to determine organ functional capacities. Dependent upon the first visitís findings and complexity of the patientís symptoms, one or more of theses tests may be necessary.


What is involved after the first visit? A treatment schedule is broadly outlined relative to the findings and the specific needs of each individual, with an understanding of short and long term goals. As symptoms and testing improve, ongoing visits are less frequent. It is of the utmost importance to take your healthcare program seriously.


What are my responsibilities? Commitment to follow through on all recommendations, keeping to your scheduled appointments, asking questions when you are unsure, discussing positive and negative changes in your symptoms and any difficulties you have with the home care regimen or office procedures.


What kind of results can I expect? A general time frame and anticipated results will be discussed in the initial visits. Everyone is different. The longevity and complexity of your specific problem(s), along with personal compliance are the major determining factors. If we feel other therapies will enhance your healing process, appropriate recommendations will be made.


Does care ever finish? Do I need it for life? The more responsible one is with their healthcare management, the greater the results. We will do our best to educate each patient to become predominantly self-reliant. Our hope is that each client becomes aware of their needs and takes as many preventative measures as possible to maintain optimal health. Taking care of your health is a lifetime responsibility. Allowing us to guide you is a personal choice.