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These are the most common ailments afflicting the American population with costs running into the tens of billions of dollars yearly. There are numerous organic and structural causes for these syndromes.

Musculoskeletal Causes

Muscular imbalances
Weak ligaments
Poor postural habits-This includes standing, walking, lifting, sleeping, sitting and

Excessive or lack of exercise
Obesity (this also has an organic basis)
Bulging or herniated discs
Spinal misalignments
Hip, foot, knee misalignments can affect the back
Shoulder, wrist and elbow misalignments can affect the neck imbalances
Inappropriate footwear
Bad mattress or pillow

Organic Causes

Digestive dysfunction
Hormonal problems
menstrual cramps/PMS/ovarian cysts/fibroids and endometriosis

Adrenal weakness
Kidney and bladder problems
Obesity-Usually occurs from poor insulin regulation due to bad food choices and
eating habits

Bone disease
Nutrient deficiency

Our office is able to evaluate these problems utilizing:

Personal case history: Trauma, gradual onset, acute, chronic, radiating or local
pain, personal, daily and sleep habits, movement tendencies etc.

Manual muscle testing
Postural analysis
Gait analysis
Applied Kinesiology evaluation
Footwear testing
Laboratory testing if needed i.e. MRI, x-rays
Dietary analysis
Metabolic symptom survey questionnaire
Other laboratory testing: i.e. evaluate hormonal and digestion competency

The following therapies are used depending upon the findings of the examination:

Spinal adjustments
Specific manual traction
Cranial-sacral therapy
Muscle work: Trigger point therapy, myofascial release, muscle re-balancing
Extremity adjustments
Customized orthotics
Home care exercise programs
Dietary changes
Tissue repair supplementation
Individualized nutrition program
Weight reduction
Stress reduction techniques
Body awareness exercises